2017 introduction for Berus teased by Keating Supercars

2017 introduction for Berus teased by Keating Supercars

The company intends to start offering the Berus model starting next year with a range of two powertrains – a classic V8 or a high-tech emissions-free electric version.

Keating Supercars might not be your first choice when talking about performance and exotic automobiles, but in fact the company is already a decade of producing performance vehicles. And the firm will present to dealerships a new model – Berus – starting next year, with the coupe apparently capable of reaching over 230 miles per hour (370 kilometers per hour). And Keating even has two versions for the sports car. A traditional supercar power coming from a V8 enabling a 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in 2.4 seconds and that great top speed. Or environmentalists can go for the electric powertrain that has values between 201 and 402 horsepower (150 – 300 kilowatts) and a torquetastic figure of 1,054 pound-feet (1,429 Newton-meters) of torque.

2017 introduction for Berus teased by Keatign Supercars 7

The production version of the Berus will be ready in time for the next April’s Monaco Top Marques event. Keating so far has renderings and a half-scale model which depicts a fairly classic supercar styling. The name is derived from vipera berus – the scientific name for the common European viper. Keating Supercars first became known with a racer named TKR, which used a biturbo LS7 V8 with a claimed 1,800 hp (1,342 kW) – it was capable of 260.1 mph (419 kph) at Salt Lake Flats in California back in 2009.

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