Report – Tesla Model S and X finally coming with 100D option

Report – Tesla Model S and X finally coming with 100D option

There’s word on the streets surrounding the flying mill the often rumored 100 kW battery pack options for the Model S sedan and Model X crossover are finally arriving.

Both the Tesla Model S and Model X are set to finally receive the long-awaited extended battery packs that will have a major impact on range, according to a new reveal uncovered in the type approval database of the Netherlands. The detailing shows both the 100D and 100X models have been approved for the Model S and Model X by the authorities – meaning only one thing: the eagerly-awaited 100kWh battery pack could reach markets soon. For now, the flagships in the Model S and Model X ranges sport 90 kW battery packs.

As it reads from RDW, the Dutch type approval authority, a 100D Tesla model –alleged to be a Model S luxury sedan – packing the new battery option could go on for no less than 381 miles, under Europe’s NEDC testing cycle. The figures were the same for the P100D, the performance-oriented version. For now, the best range offered by a Tesla is coming in the form of the Model S 90D, rated at 346 miles in the NEDC cycle – so the new battery pack would provide an increase of roughly 10 percent, if the Dutch figures are accurate.

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