Recall roundup – Bentley’s Continental Flying Spur has an issue with the sunroof

Recall roundup – Bentley’s Continental Flying Spur has an issue with the sunroof

The British ultra-luxury automaker has announced it will call back into service 127 2007 through 2009 Continental Flying Spur units in the US because there’s an issue with the sunroof.

The fleshy luxury sedans could see the sunroof falling out because of an issue with the adhesive holding it in place. The affected cars have been produced between April 25, 2007, and October 31, 2008. Apparently the fabrication process failed to properly clean the glass before putting on the adhesive for attaching it to the frame. Over time the glass can delaminate and even fail. If this happens while the vehicle is in motion, it could turn into a hazardous situation with potential injuries. And yes, there would also be the issue of having a major gap in the roof.

According to Bentley discussing the problem with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it “became aware of a potential issue based on information shared from other manufacturers.” This means it could be linked to Audi’s sunroof recall of 536 units of the 2007-2009 A8 and S8 for the same problem – again a failing sunroof glass adhesive. The German automaker was first issued warnings about the issue back in 2015. Bentley’s dealers will mend the problem by adding additional adhesive between the sunroof glass and frame and the owners which had problems in the past with this particular irk could file for compensation.

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