New BMW Connected tech to be rolled out in August

New BMW Connected tech to be rolled out in August

By linking an owner’s car to their smartphone, Connected technology can transfer navigation information between the two devices. This means a user can continue following navigation instructions that had started on the road after they’ve left their car.

Other key functions include the ability for the system to recognise personal mobility patterns, such as the daily commute. If there are any traffic disruptions on the regular route, Connected can pre-warn a driver using a phone notification.

Accessing an owner’s smartphone calendar will also allow the technology to offer similar route guidance and predictions for events in a user’s diary.

Owners will also be able to use ConnectedDrive features on their smartphones, allowing them to lock and unlock their car, flash the headlights and locate their car remotely.

The launch of the technology in August will represent the first phase of BMW’s new software. The car maker says updates will be applied within the next two months via Connected SIM cards, which are integrated into all new BMWs.

Currently, Connected tech will only work with Apple iPhones and Apple Watches, but other smartphones will be added in the near future.

BMW says the technology will also trickle down into its Mini brand within the next 12 months.

Further into the future, Connected technology will bypass smartphones and link cars directly to the Internet of Things. Autocar reported earlier this year how housing appliances will be among the first devices to connect with BMWs in this way, allowing owners to control features such as heating and house alarms through their car’s infotainment system.

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