Volkswagen Group’s sales soared 5.1% in June, thanks to Europe and China

Volkswagen Group’s sales soared 5.1% in June, thanks to Europe and China

Last month’s sales figures for the German group are far better than expected, helping the automaker deliver an unlikely positive first half of the year. Europe and China reported increased demand for Audis, VW and Skoda models.

There’s no reason to open the champagne bottle just yet – almost 15 billion dollars are expected to reach America for the various Dieselgate settlements, and more paychecks could be coming from other parts of the world – most prominently from Europe. This also makes for a surprise when looking at the sales figures – a group total of 883,400 vehicles for the month of June, surging 5.1 percent. In Europe, the increases are most likely coming from the launch of the all-new Tiguan SUV, but the region didn’t post a spectacular rise – just 3.3 percent up. The US is of course spiraling down with a 11.7 percent in June and a total for the first six months of minus 7.2%.

South America is actually worse – mostly because of the issues in Brazil, where there’s an ongoing economic crisis. China meanwhile is again the star of the show – even as the threat of an economic slowdown still looms. Demand for Audi, VW and Skoda vehicles there jumped 18.7% last month – which could also be attributable to the launch of the new Passat sedan and wagon. Meanwhile Seat isn’t doing so well, with sales barely double those of profit-deliverer Porsche.

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